Supporting student-athletes from injury to recovery through non-profit care

You want the best future for your child; one that’s not limited by your financial resources during a time of injury. You know your child needs more than just physical care. They need encouragement, support, and strength from people who have walked this path ahead of them and understand the heart of an athlete.

Supporting Athletes. Restoring Futures.

Your child is a motivated/Five Star athlete, with recognized potential and future prospects for scholarships. The problem is a sudden, debilitating injury has hindered those hopes and goals. Without the proper care, this injury is threatening to bring that dream to an end.

Your child needs professional help to get back on their feet, but you don’t have the resources it takes to provide what they need. This can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, uncertain of how you are going to pay the bill.

Your child should be able to pursue their athletic potential and not be limited by a lack of financial resources when an injury happens.

We believe that every child and family deserves access to the highest level of care in all areas of recovery your athlete needs to perform at their highest level.

We provide not only physical care for your child, but also help you as a family remain strong, supported, and encouraged as you walk through this together.

We understand how frustrating it can feel not being able to provide the full care your child needs when facing an athletic injury. Especially when that injury comes with financial obligations that you cannot meet.

You want desperately to see your child succeed in what they have worked so hard to achieve, but expensive injury and recovery costs are threatening to keep them side-lined.

Because we believe everyone deserves the same level of care, we apply the same treatment plans and strategies we’ve developed with professional athletes at no cost to every patient we see.

With 50 years of combined experience in dealing with complex issues and thousands of successful outcomes, we’re trusted by the highest level of athletes, CEO’s and those ready to get back to their lifestyle

Get Started Today

1 Submit an Application Form

Submit a request for assistance/scholarship/Apply for a scholarship If you’re in need and can’t meet your financial obligation you can submit a form to our staff.

2 Await Board Review

The board will meet and review your request and connect them with other services they have.

*Our heart is to help everyone, but we know we cannot help all.

3 Receive Care

If you’re approved, begin receiving the care and support you need to get back to competing.


We will support your family from injury to recovery.

  • It doesn’t just stop at the operating room it continues past to partner with other services to help with a full recovery.

We will offer the highest medical care.

  • Your child will be given the same care we have offered to professional athletes over and over again. View our partners.

We will refer you to trusted partners for support.

  • We cannot help everyone, however, we will refer you to those in our network that will be able to offer help and support.


  • Letting fear and pride prevent you from applying for a scholarship that could help your child’s autonomy and future.
  • Ignoring an injury that is hindering your child’s life.
  • Missing out on potential athletic scholarships and college prospects.
  • Allowing financial strain to hinder your family’s future.


Don’t let a lack of resources prevent you from getting the help your child needs.

Apply for a scholarship today to help restore your child’s future.